Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our first try using the arduino board

Today we met and began looking at our arduino board and a book entitled "getting started with arduino -Massimo Banzi
we talked about finding things at home that we could take apart, specifically toys that talk.
We also were able to test our arduino board, connect it to a computer and write a sketch (what they call program that controls the board).
we uploaded the sketch to the board. tested it and changed some code to see what else we could make the LED do.
The sketch let us turn on and off an LED right on the circuit-board.
And we only ruined 1 LED today by frying it with 5volts!

We are still waiting for more parts to come in from Hong-Kong. I hope they arrive before our next meeting on Thursday at noon.

Here's a quick reflection from the kids and me today.

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