Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our first try using the arduino board

Today we met and began looking at our arduino board and a book entitled "getting started with arduino -Massimo Banzi
we talked about finding things at home that we could take apart, specifically toys that talk.
We also were able to test our arduino board, connect it to a computer and write a sketch (what they call program that controls the board).
we uploaded the sketch to the board. tested it and changed some code to see what else we could make the LED do.
The sketch let us turn on and off an LED right on the circuit-board.
And we only ruined 1 LED today by frying it with 5volts!

We are still waiting for more parts to come in from Hong-Kong. I hope they arrive before our next meeting on Thursday at noon.

Here's a quick reflection from the kids and me today.

Some of our gear is here.....

What do you believe?

Ok so we want to get started with our Maker's club. We have an idea for a first project. Now obviously we need some electronic parts.
So I get online with RadioShack support and they tell me they don't ship to Canada. Oops!

This is where the collaboration piece comes in. I did a project with Jeff Cieszecki a few years ago so I email him. He refers me to Rory Winters and he mentions where he is getting parts these days.

He tells me about:

Digi-key will ship to Canada and cover the brokerage fee.  Best place to buy bulk, if you know what you want.
Solarbotics is out of Alberta. No pst

Robot is in Ontario somewhere

Arduino stuff from Hobby King in Hong Kong that I was very happy with. Shipping is pricey but no extra fee. best price by far.

Manitoba robot games website has some kits that might be pretty cool and easy way to get something going that moves.

Borgfeldt is an educational supplier that has cool tamiya products that are cheap and fun.they will supply schools. They have a website. To get prices you will have phone them or set up an account."

So I order from solarbotics and this is what we recieved:

Were still waiting on the order from Hong Kong.

Today we're going to begin using the book "getting started with Arduino" and talk about what junk we have at home that we can bring in to tear apart.
I'll let you know how it goes.......

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Time to create!!

What do you believe?

In a recent post by Clarence Fisher (@glassbeed) Clarence suggested that we should more often be creating things with our students.

I've been wondering for some time now what an arduino board is for and what I could do with one and some of my students.

I'm thinking that I'm going to go find a few grade 6 students and do this hot/cold LED project to get us started.

I'm also going to get the students to look around these sites for future project ideas.
Radioshacks the great create

Does anyone have any other sources for project ideas we should look at?

Is anyone willing to help mentor us with our learning while we figure this out together?