Sunday, October 23, 2011

Technology mismatch: wrong tool for the job?

image "my desk" By Drpoulette

At a recent staff mtg I distributed our provincial report card drafts that are scheduled to be implemented next year province wide in Manitoba.

The next agenda item was a division wide electronic grade book that our school division was asking individual schools to consider piloting.

Only 2 people on our k-8 staff are currenty using an electronic grade book (1 teacher ease 1 e-class) to help them with assessing their students.

Considering that we are striving towards non toxic grading practices as suggested in communicating student learning and more specifically not averaging marks and rather using the most recent evidence of student's learning to assign summative grades......

Has anyone read a blogpost elsewhere of any of the following titles or something similar?

Electronic grade books no longer appropriate assessment practice?
Averaging marks unfair to students?
Technology mismatch: wrong tool for the job?

I wanted to say "you shouldn't use an electronic grade book to assess our students!"
Am I wrong?