Sunday, May 22, 2011

iPads are on their way

I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to organize things with our soon to arrive iPads. We're about to do an administrator use iPad pilot in our school. James (our Vice Principal) and I have ordered an iPad each, and are trying to figure out how we'll use an iPad to transform how we work as school administrators.

Right now I'm wondering what Apps to begin with. I think I'm going to transfer all my current iPod apps to the iPad and go from there. I've also been following tweets for the last month or so and some blog posts.

Thanks to the always valuable tweets from @joevans I'm going to begin with suggested "ipad resources for administrators" at

JRobinson at "the 21st century principal" blog suggested news apps like (ABC CNN) and I'll substitute a CBC news app. He also suggests:
Flipboard (like feedly?)
The Onion
Weather channel

docs to go
go docs - to access to google docs
prezi viewer

friendly - facebook for ipad
mobile RSS to read google reader feeds

Twitter for ipad


susan berden also added:
voice2note - which is an evernote add-on
ithoughts HD - a concept mapper

I've also come across soundnote- that lets you record meetings and make notes.

Organizing the apps
I've already created multiple users on my computer. One account that I use all the time, a 2nd user that I use to manage our ipod touch apps for our Ipod lab in our school and now a 3rd account to manage the apps on our admin ipads.

Ongoing sharing with others
As suggested to me by @dkuropatwa I've created an appolicous account that shares what apps I have on my devices with anyone that wants to know.

Are there any apps that you feel might help us on this journey. Please let us know or hook up with us on appolicious.

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